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Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar 

We have carefully curated and adapted the most-loved Indian dishes like Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Railway mutton curry, a wide selection of Indian breads to create a menu that caters to global tastes and preferences from Southall to Singapore. Our food is Indian and loved by all!

About Us

Characterized by an ample usage of native Indian spices on a variety of meats, homegrown methods of stewing, grilling, and roasting, the food in the Anglo Indian cuisine spectrum, includes seafood, tandoori baked food, Indian breads, curries, chutneys, soups and other delicacies that today have become famous among those who have had a chance to know it. 

In addition to this, what completes the Anglo Indian culinary experience is the service, which has a certain elegance and cultivated style in fine dining, that calls for a warm, courteous, ever-present yet nonintrusive attendance—all in keeping with the decorum.

As many Europeans found themselves all over the Indian subcontinent, they began adapting home favorites with local produce and spices or rather adapting local fare to suit their palette. A strong bias for meat alongside the Indian fondness for rice and breads began to intermingle into what we now as the Anglo Indian cuisine. 

The plains of Punjab

The plains of Punjab, fertile and filled with nature’s bounty have been the prime reason for some of the best north Indian vegetarian fare—readily available fresh vegetables, green leaves, home dairies, and lentils all add up to this rustic farmer’s style preparation. Healthy, filling and always with a rich dollop of clarified homemade butter, Desi ghee, Punjabi food brought in the best from both sides of Punjab--from Lahore to Amritsar.

About Us
Our Menu

The Frontier Cuisine

The northwest frontier province is one of the harshest lands, but a stunning contrast to the landscape are its people and food!


Harsh weather, warm & gentle people and conditions that were suited only for warriors created a famous frontier province style, of martial cooking. 

The Coastal Experience

The coastal plains of India offered a variety of sea fish that were unique to southeast Asia.


From the coasts of Goa to Kerala, fish, prawns & calamari are mainstays in dishes dressed in Indian spices we've come to treasure and love all over the world. 

Media and Reviews

Don't just take our word for it...

From our entry into the 2019 Michelin Bib Grourmand guide, to features in the Straits Times and Time out Singapore, Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar strives to deliver a culinary experience one will keep coming back to!

Time Out 
Singapore says


"Arrive hungry for the true North Indian dishes .... Do not – we repeat – not pass this up for the prata shop next door.

Our Partners

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